Find the 7 instruments and complete the lofi hip-hop beat.

Click on the hidden objects and use the Q, W, E, R keys to build the beat!

A hidden object and rhythm game initially made for Music Game Jam 2018

(v. 1.1: Bug fixes)

(v.1.1.5: Minor game feel improvements)

(v. 1.2: Made bar vertical, added completion animation, minor quality of life fixes)

(v. 1.3: Android version, shortened length of repeated patterns, minor UI changes)


Android Build 39 MB
Windows Build 21 MB

Development log


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This was a really cool game! It took a while, but it was well worth it. 


Thank you~ :)


Hey! I loved playing your game! It really was Lo-fi and chill, unlike my video because I'm terrible at these games, but I hope you enjoy watching it if you get a chance :) (btw this was before the update haha)

Hey! Thanks so much for making a video of the game! (I like the thumbnail you made btw) It's always really helpful to see people play. Sorry the game was stressful, the idea was to create a relaxed atmosphere, but I think the difficulty is still too high for that. I'm still working on ways to improve that :). 


Although I was screaming through the whole video, I did enjoy the game haha! I'm guessing my video of your game is the only one that wasn't relaxing :p Keep making sick beats though, can't wait to see more!

Thanks~ :)


I feel like a few of the beats were a little off, maybe not as tight as they could have been. Otherwise this is a really cute little, quick game with an interesting concept. Nice little time killer. :3

Hi, thanks for playing the game! Also thanks for the feedback, I'll look more into getting the game to feel tighter :)

It was, like...soooo slight, and it might have just been because of the syncopation in some of the rhythms.