[Another New Level!]

Find the instruments and complete the lo-fi hip-hop beat.

Click on the hidden objects and use the Q, W, E, R keys to build the beat!

A hidden object and rhythm game initially made for Music Game Jam 2018

Track 3 available on Soundcloud: here

(v. 1.65: Added scene transitions + more game feel improvements) 

(v. 1.6: Added new level + Game Feel improvements)


Windows Build 68 MB
Mac Build 99 MB
Android Build 76 MB

Development log


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good stuff

You should publish the song in level three to other platforms (thats mostly because i want to listen to it on stuff like amazon music


Hey Im in love with your game <3

Im really inspired by your game and im thinking of creating an rpg where the fight scene will be using the tile interface like yours and instead of sfx it will be lofi music XD

Hey thanks! I'm glad the game inspired you so much~ :)

I'm not sure I understand your rpg idea fully, but if you get around to making it, let me know. I'd be interested in trying it out!


Awesome and calming! Will look into your other games!


Thank you! :)



Awesome Rythm game!

Best I've ever played!

Thanks! That's super kind of you :)


Its hard but once you get used to it it's so fun!

Hey, thanks so much for the feedback!

I'm glad it you were able to get into it :)



This game is really creative to core. The sounds and SFx used truly brings out the "Music Lover" within the player. One can easily spend hours in this game without feeling any guilt, that's how amazing this game is. You can always collect ideas from our games present over our website and itch page.We have some FREE assets that could help you. Also don't miss out to follow us to stay in touch and keep both of us updated on each others upcoming projects.



I couldn't agree more.

Looking for your upcoming projects ! Don't miss out to follow us to stay in touch !

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Hey! Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Really awesome game! As someone who has been trying to learn the ropes in making lofi music, this is super cool!

Hey, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

Hope it helps on your Lo-Fi Hip Hop journey :)


Wow, I really loved this little gem. The beats were amazing, and I can't wait to find out if there will be a followup game.

Hi, thanks so much for making a video for Lo-Fi Room!

I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to do that :). I also have to say you are a powerful rhythm gamer, you got nearly everything first time~


Oooh I never knew you were Dutch (or at least speak Dutch)! Graag gedaan :)

I also used to be in a little band... and was a master at Donkey Konga. I think that training made me good with rhythm xD

:) Donkey Konga! That seems like a good training ground~


Cool game!


Thank you! :)


Love the game and the music. If you need more custom music let me know, looking for projects.

Hey, thank you! I should be ok for music but I'll bear that in mind~


great game! I loved it and played it again! Thank you.

Hey, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much :)


really cute game and very fun. i love short, polished games like this. i could play a hundred levels of it! love the hand-drawn graphics and chill music. props for updating and supporting the game well after its release!


Hey thanks so much for making a video covering the game! It's super cool you take the time to cover indie games on itch.io. :)

I thought you might be interested but I initially made the first version of the game as a game jam game at the end of 2018 in 2 weeks, and I've been updating it since then whenever I have time. The ultimate goal is to build a ~20 level 'full' version of the game by the end of this year. 


that's interesting and cool to hear! can't wait for the full game. good luck with the development!




Cool idea, and nicely done ;) 

Thank you :)


This was really chill and fun!! (took a little while to get used to all the keys being so close but overall had a blast :D )

Hey, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


good game. fun game. good music!

Thank you :)



can we get the separate midi tracks and/or sheet music and tabs cause damn i wanna know them


Haha thanks, I'm afraid not at the moment, I have other priorities in getting the game finished right now. But it's a cool idea and I'll consider doing something like that at some point!

Thanks and keep it up the game was awesome


The Q and W keys don't register sometimes for me.

Hi, thanks for letting me know. I'm not sure what could be causing that problem. Could you let me know what platform you're playing the game on? Also which level + instruments is it happening on for you? And finally what kind of computer are you playing it on (doesn't have to be super detailed, like how old it is, the manufacturer...)? I'll see if that can help me figure out what is happening


Hi there,

I heard you would like some feedback on presentation or the game itself. I remember playing this game around a year ago now, looking back at my last comment, and the game has moved on / changed so much since then. I loved the now so 'level 3 music' and still do. 

I will point out that now the game loop sound is crisp and I also think that you have done an excellent job on fixing the loop issue with people hitting the buttons. However I think having the game as what I think 'easy' has quite a nice vibe, with the game intending to be relaxing, and now I think a focus on creating new, unique and especially catchy levels should be made (I mean who doesn't). Experiment with different sound tunes, but make it catch as that is psychologicaly more attracting to the game.

Presentation wise I think you have done a good job, if you really want me to be a super picky critic then I would think about the placement of the next level symbol beneath the complete sign. If you pay close attention it just seems slightly in the wrong place. Maybe its because the button is on top of the complete sign or the button is too big and has a massive shadow compared to the complete sign. However it still has its own vibe, maybe simplifying it to look slightly more similar to the complete. If you wanna push the presentation then maybe have the occasionaly effect like the film in the begining or the gust of wind or something like that.

You could soon try and portray a story of the life of this character, progress it through different scenes, and with no dialogue make a story. Maybe when you have a lot of levels you could have  a level select option menu so people can choose their level and add a level select and a credits section beside the play button.

Nonetheless, there is not much to say to improve other than adding more levels, make it unique and tell a story. 

Great work on the game,


Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to give such detailed feedback! 

I agree that the main thing the game needs is new levels, (that's the most fun part of making the game for me). I have the story more or less planned out, and some completed tracks and art for some levels. What I want to figure out beforehand though is making the levels last longer, so I'm going to start working on that first. I have some ideas I want to try out.

The final plan is to build it into a game of around ~20 levels with over 1h of gameplay. But I haven't decided yet how I'm going to release this version. The plan is to finish it by the end of this year though!

Regarding the presentation, I was mainly interested in how people viewed the game before playing it, as I'm not sure how appealing/understandable the game is from the just screenshots videos. But I appreciate your thoughts on the in game presentation :)

Thanks again for your encouragement and I really appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback :)


I cant wait! this is one of the best games here


this is one of my favorite games 

Hey, thank you :) I appreciate it~


oh my, i didnt think i would enjoy this but this is amazing work! i would love to play more!

Hey, thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

If you don't mind me asking, why didn't you think you would enjoy the game in the beginning? I'm trying to get the presentation of the game as good as possible, so I'd be interested on getting feedback to help improve that :) If you have any insights, they might help me out~


Well hidden object kind games always tend to get me bored pretty quick. When I read what type of game it was, I started with low expectations other than the fact that I love lo-fi songs. 

The presentation of the game is really aesthetic and I love that. I'm a really laid back guy and it is hard to come across casual games like these.

On things that might improve on, I am not too sure! Me personally I think you are on the right track and I would love to see more work from you soon!

Good Luck!

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement :)


this is one of my favorite games to play!!! very easy to vibe with.

Thank you, glad you liked it! :)


What is that new level? I came back :D

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Hey! Thanks for coming back! :)

Yes, since you did the video there are two extra new levels before the original one (although you might have tried the second one before)

time for new build :)


I just love this.

The difficulty is just right, the graphics are well done and beautiful to see, the music is also great.

I love the way we "compose " the song, it is so creative!

Oh, also I love the girl; Next stage could um.. Be a coffee shop? 

Anyways great game love it

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Hi thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much :) 

I'll consider the coffee shop idea :) ~

Hey, greetings from Brazil! I really liked your game! As a musician and lover of lo-fi hip-hop, I can say that it really cought me. The game itself is beautiful, and so the soundtrack. I would really love (and I mean REALLY) if the game gets more updates with more levels, improving not only the difficulty, but also the  songs. Anyway, congratulations!

Hey, greetings! Thanks so much :) I'm really glad to hear it. I'm going to be working on the gameplay systems a bit more first, and I'll upload those changes on here for sure. In the long term I'm going to be building it into a full, longer game (I'm aiming for at least 1h of gameplay), but I don't know how I will be releasing that yet. I'll post progress updates on this page though :) I'm hoping to get it all done by the end of 2020...


Very nice game love it!


Thank you :) Glad you had a good time with it~


i loved it sz

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I'm glad to hear it :)


Love it!!

Thank you!


This was so fun and relaxing! I loved doing the drum parts~ Hope it gets more levels!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)


really chill game, 10/10

Thank you~


I really enjoyed this game even though it was short. It made me feel cozy and honestly somewhat nostalgic. If you continue to update this I can't wait to see whats new!

Hey, thanks so much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I'm still working on improvements, mainly on the game feel and getting the core of the game as good as possible. However, I am planning on building the game into a longer experience in the future. I'm not sure how that full game will be released yet, but I'll put up any announcements on this page~

Hey, there seems to be an issue. Whenever I attempt to load the web version of the game, I get this error. (I'm using Brave Browser on Kubuntu 18.04.1 LTS amd64)

Hi, thanks for letting me know about this issue. 

I looked into it and this seems to be a problem that Unity web games have in Brave Browser in general. I found this post on the Brave Browser Reddit and the solution they recommend is to set 'All device recognition attempts allowed' in your (advanced) shield settings. I tried it out myself and it worked for me.


such a great game! Good job.

Thank you! :)


Beautifull game, would be awesome if u would put in more levels :D

Thank you ^^ 


Hey! I keep trying out the game again every once in a while, about two days, so I tried it again 2 days since my suggestions. Anyway, since I keep trying it out I decided to review it a little bit, even though I never really reviewed stuff. 

Anyway, I gotta say, I enjoy it! Even though it's not a game where replayability is a main purpose, I still enjoy replaying it, most likely because it's a unique small game. I've never really seen anything of this type before, of course I've seen rythm games, but no games focused on the "Chill Beats" type music, so this is really unique in that regard. I also really like the art, kind of brings out the "Chill" out a bit more in a way. My favorite level is the third one (at the time of there being only three), I like that song a bit more than the others, even though all are good, I also like how more difficult it is, I like more  difficult rythm games, even though half the time I'm not good if it's hard, lol.

There's my review, hoped it helped at least a tad motivation wise.

Also, I tried it out again and decided to do a sort of speed run, I got done in 3 minutes and 46 seconds, from the moment I clicked the play button, to the moment I clicked the stop button.

Keep up the good work!

Hey, thanks for trying out the game so many times, I also really appreciate you taking the time to write a review! ^^

Your speed run time is really helpful, I'm thinking about how long most people take to complete levels so I have some idea of the overall game play time once I add more levels.


I have a two suggestions. 

  • Perhaps whenever you're further into  development, you could add a difficulty setting, for people who want more of a challenge, if you could.
  • Add a volume bar in a corner of the Menu.

Hi, thanks for trying the game again and thanks for your suggestions. :)

Regarding your points:

1. Like I said to the previous commenter, I'm going to spend some time to think about how to handle difficulty. From my observations some people still find it too challenging and some people can complete things rather quickly, so I'm going to try and think of a way that works for both sets of people.

2. Will do!



Thank you for this great experience! I haven't read any of the other comments, but I have a couple of constructive points:

  • It would be great if the 'bridge' (meaning the line the notes reach and must be played) could be closer to the key labels, to make it a little easier to keep your eyes on both!
  • I love the way the music keeps rolling, but I would really like to have to 'master' the instrument before I'm able to move on. For example, you should be able to hit all the notes three times in a row before it's 'collected'.

But otherwise a fantastic game, well done!

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for giving detailed feedback! :) 

So regarding your points:

1. I actually moved the bridge up recently to make it more clear when to hit the notes, but I might look at adjusting this more in the future. 

2. That's a really helpful observation, I showed the game at an event last weekend and what I noticed was some people could very easily complete levels once they understood the mechanics. However, some people found it really difficult to complete some of the tracks, even once they got the hang of the basics. I'm going to try and think more about how to balance the game difficulty for different players, as ideally I'd like to have a way for both sets of people to feel satisfied with the game.

Thanks :)


It's a game where you think about the harmony of music that is very different from the rhythm games you see in Japan and Korea. That's great. The graphics are so. I love the music.

Thank you :) I really appreciate it~


Had a blast playing this game , really enjoyed it . Keep up the good work :D

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Thank you. Glad you had a good time! :)


Awesome, really enjoyed it even though it's only two levels long so far, good job!

Hey thanks so much! Just to let you know I've actually just added another level today, so feel free to try it out (it's a little easier than the other two)

Nice! Though for me I like the tougher ones lol

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